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Books on a Variety of Topics

Model of Incarnate Love

Mary Desolate in the Experience and Thought of Chiara Lubich

Máire O'Byrne

This work examines Mary, particularly as she stood at the foot of the cross, as a model for participating in a Trinitarian life of communion. O'Byrne outlines two theological themes at the core of Lubich's thought -- "unity" and "Jesus forsaken." Upon this background she analyzes Lubich's Mariology, from the moment of Mary's first yes at the Annunciation to her second at the foot of the cross. O'Byrne then turns her attention to Lubich's profound understanding of Mary in her desolation as an anthropological model.

Everyday Miracle

The Beauty of Lives Shaped by the Gospel

edited by Doriana Zamboni

New Financial Horizons

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Economy of Communion

Lorna Gold

"Gold examines the origins and substance of a promising alternative to the current globalized economy. During a 1991 trip to Brazil, Chiara Lubich challenged Focolare members to launch businesses that could create jobs and opportunities. Almost twenty years later, Benedict XVI cited the Economy of Communion in Caritas in Veritate as a promising form of intermediate activity between for-profit business and classic non-profit institutions." John L. Allen Jr.

"What Gold has provided … is a theologically grounded understanding of a robust culture that has the capacity to engage the whole human person as a unity to overcome the divisive effects of a fragmented and divided self in economic life. It not only tells the story of the Economy of Communion, but it provides a model for entrepreneurs and managers who are interested in building communities of work and not merely nexuses of exchange. It is a book that should be widely read in the U.S., especially in the academy, which too often lacks such integrative and interdisciplinary analysis between theoretical visions and practical experience." Michael J. Naughton Moss Chair of Catholic Social Thought, University of St. Thomas, MN

Sunshine on Our Way

99 Sayings on Friendship


Four Weeks with the Mother of Jesus

Drawing from the writings of Carlo Carretto, Roger Schutz, Chiara Lubich, Martin Luther, Edith Stein, John Paul II, Helder Camara, and many others, the authors offer daily meditations on Mary, the Mother of Jesus, who like no one else teaches and witnesses the path of discipleship.

A warning! Pondering this book in a prayerful manner may lead to a personal transformation. If such is the case, throw caution to the wind. Robert F. Morneau

A Handbook of Spiritual Ecumenism

Cardinal Walter Kasper

This Handbook offers practical suggestions for implementing and strengthening spiritual ecumenism, the heart of all efforts to re-unite divided Christians. It is grounded in the documents that have shaped the Catholic Church's engagement in seeking Christian unity, those of the Second Vatican Council, as well as the encyclical Ut Unum Sint and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It is written for anyone who values deeply the restoration of Christian unity, especially those responsible for promoting it at various levels of Church life.

Cardinal Kasper extends a loving invitation to Christians of all traditions, encouraging them to join their Catholic brothers and sisters in prayer and action for unity.


How to Become Lovable by Caring for Yourself and Others

Madeline Pecora Nugent and Julian Stead, O.S.B.

The authors have developed practical ways for readers to develop the skills they need to care about self and for others. Love-Ability shows how to make more and better friends and how to be a more loving and lovable friend or partner. By completing one chapter a week, in three months readers will learn to live a healthier life, full of love for others and for themselves.

"In Love-Ability, Dom Julian Stead and Madeline Pecora Nugent reflect on Christ's commandment to love one another from an original and personal perspective." R. A. Scotti Author of Basilica

Martin Luther King, Jr

Spirit-Led Prophet — A Biography

Richard Deats

Martin Luther King, Jr.Spirit-led Prophet tells the compelling story of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. pastor, theologian, scholar, orator, civil rights leader, martyr. Spirit-led Prophet chronicles Kings activities illustrating his nonviolent faith and how he lived it out in his ministry. In the midst of a tumultuous public life, King prayed for guidance and depended upon Gods spirit to lead him. Despite the cruelty and violence of the forces arrayed against the movement, King stressed the necessity to love ones enemies, to believe that unearned suffering is redemptive and to have faith in Gods just purposes.

"Richard Deats has produced in his work an invaluable spiritual portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the sources of his faith, courage, and willingness to offer his life to the nonviolent stuggle against violence, racial, and economic injustice. These teachings, so well revealed in this unique biography, have endured because they continue to offer hope and inspiration for all who would fulfill the Dream." Correta Scott King