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Books by Chiara Lubich

Essential Writings

Spirituality Dialogue Culture

Chiara Lubich

This selection and arrangement of Chiara Lubich's spiritual writings opens up the heart and soul of one of the most significant religious figures of our times. In our own day, there may be nothing more important than giving witness to the hope and the possibility of unity between and among people of all faiths and of those with no faith at all. This is the legacy Chiara leaves to everyone concerned with the unity of all people. Michael Downey Editor, The New Dictionary of Catholic Spirituality

What Chiara Lubich's writings challenge us to is the discovery of what unity really means: not simply unity between believers, but the unity that alone will heal the terrible and murderous conflicts between human beings the world over. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

Through Chiara Lubich, surely a living saint of our age, has come a gift to every person on earth the spirituality of unity. This charism, a call to fulfill Jesus final testament, May they all be one, announces life-giving hope to divided peoples hungry for the living bread of love and reconciliation. Her Essential Writings shows us how this good news can transform our lives and our world. Paul Crow Retired President of the Council on Christian Unity of the Disciples of Christ

Only at Night We See the Stars

Finding Light in Face of Darkness

Chiara Lubich

For those who are yearning for spiritual growth and insight into Gods word and the meaning of human existence, these prayer-filled reflections by Chiara Lubich will be most helpful.... What makes this volume so necessary and essential in our times is its honest and courageous dealing with suffering and death. With deceptive simplicity and amazing boldness, Only At Night We See the Stars presents the gospel paradox of life coming through death.... This is not a book to be read. It is a spiritual manual to be prayed and pondered. Here is a wine which, if sipped slowly and lovingly, will lead to divine intoxication. It will also call us to the justice and peace that characterizes the followers of Jesus. Robert F. Morneau Aux. Bishop of Green Bay, WI

A New Way

The Spirituality of Unity

Chiara Lubich

The history of spirituality has never seen a way to God like this one. Till now all forms of spiritual growth have focused on the individuals discovery of the God who fascinates the human heart. But the spirituality that Chiara Lubich and her companions have discovered is a new way, a spirituality of communion, as described by John Paul II. No longer is the spiritual life about withdrawing from other people, nor just about serving them. It is about living with them in unity, growing together in God.


The Transparency of God

Chiara Lubich

What is it that Christians of many different Churches find so attractive about the young Jewish girl who gave birth to Jesus? This book does more than hint at an answer. Chiara Lubich's gospel-based intuitions are a source of new insights for Christians of all traditions. Not only do we see the beauty of a human being who gave birth to God made flesh, not only do we taste the essential poetry of this unique event in history and enter more fully into all it implies, but we are made able to translate this vision into our daily lives. Mary becomes less a person we admire, an object of veneration, and more a source of inspiration, an example on which we can model our lives.

The Cry

of Jesus Crucified and Forsaken

Chiara Lubich

This cry of Jesus, the crucified God, awakens in Chiara Lubich a unique understanding and experience of his mystery. Jesus' abysmal suffering gives light and meaning to every human suffering and reveals the secret to uniting all people to God and to one another. Chiara retraces her spiritual journey that gives life to the Focolare Movement. She weaves together spirituality and theology, prayer and history, revealing a human-divine adventure that in her account becomes a song of joy and gratitude, "a love letter to Jesus forsaken."

The Eucharist

Chiara Lubich

In this collection of four talks Chiara Lubich explains how the Eucharist opens up unity and reveals its essence. In fact, it is through the Eucharist that humanity's unity with God is completely fulfilled, as well as unity among people and unity of the whole cosmos with its Creator.

Jesus in the Midst

Chiara Lubich

Chiara Lubich's explanations of the presence of Jesus in the Midst (cf. Mt. 18:20) are collected in this book.

Beside being theologically valid, her profound thoughts deal with an experience that is crucial to the life of the Focolare Movement; it is, in fact, the hidden source of its strength.

From the Foreword by Bsp. Klaus Hemmerle

Christian Living Today

Chiara Lubich

Like shafts of sunlight that break through the clouds on a dreary day, these meditations touch us and turn our most mundane activities into brightly lit God moments. Liguorian Magazine

This book is a spiritual classic. Its profound, beautiful meditations touch every soul at every stage of life. Morton Kelsey Author

Heaven on Earth

Chiara Lubich

This attractive collection of meditations show the key elements of Chiara Lubich's spirituality. In these pages we are invited to drink from the spiritual sources which have nourished her own life and the lives of millions of others.

Michael Downey Professor of Systematic Theology and Spirituality