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by Chiara Lubich

The most common experience when reading these Meditations is that they open up a dialogue with the Eternal, and the reader finds a new logic, the heavenly way of reasoning, begins to filter into the soul. We feel that we become better, and we discover a yearning, almost a homesickness, for heaven. And that turns us to face our everyday life, with its everyday struggles and all our everyday neighbours, with renewed resolution. We wish to care for others in the most realistic and down-to-earth way possible. Indeed, we feel enabled to take part in fulfilling the driving theme in the Meditations, the prayer with which Jesus summed up his life-work, uttered to his Father the night before he died: ‘May they all be one.’ (John 17:21)

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Every month the New City Press through the New City Magazine brings you news from a unique perspective: UNITY, and informs you about the contribution of the Focolare Movement to the realization of a united world.

THIS MONTH'S ISSUE - August 2015...


“It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succor of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those that live after may have clean earth to till. What weather they shall have is not ours to rule.” (From Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings)
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August 2015




“The other day, our son (visibly troubled) recounted to us in detail what an expert on the topic of sexuality had told them in school. We were quite shocked by this and asked ourselves: ‘Is it proper to take up such a sensitive topic in school?’”

“My wife left me several years ago. I have always been convinced about making a steadfast choice of faithfulness and in waiting, feeling that I have received the grace to be able to endure the loneliness it brings. But I ask myself: Is this right? Is this what God asks of me? Does He not wish for His children to be happy? And in this case, is it possible to explore the path of annulment?”(R.D.)

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The United World Week celebration held in India last May 2015 brought young people from different nations to realize that despite cultural differences among races, they can always construct bridges, and connect communities and hearts.
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An interview with chemistry professor Elena Pace, a member of EcoOne – an international network of experts working in the field of nature and the environment inspired by the spirituality of unity
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As the Focolare celebrates the Year of the Eucharist, we will be publishing some reflections from Focolare President Maria Voce on this topic based on some thoughts and expereinces of Chiara Lubich. These reflections can also help us to prepare for the International Eucharistic Congress to be held in Cebu in January 2016.
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In the face of deforestation issues, Raimundo and Edilene, together with other families, were able to create in the heart of the Amazon forest, an area that preserves local biodiversity, in line with the “Laudato Si” document, the encyclical letter of Pope Francis on care for our common home.
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Last month's Word of Life recalled Christ’s' encounter with the two sisters, Martha and Mary. He calms down the former, who was also stressed, and indicates Mary as one who doesn't let herself get carried away by activism and who aims for the essential.
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Pasquale Foresi passed away last June 14, 2015. A key figure in the history of the Focolare, Foresi had a unique design for incarnating the charism of unity in concrete ways. For this reason, Focolare foundress Chiara Lubich considered him, along with Igino Giordani, and Bishop Klaus Hemmerle, as a co-founder of the Movement.
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Nag-umpisa sa pagsusulat ng mga liham ang praktikal na pagsasabuhay ng aspektong “Pagkakaisa at mga Pamamaraan ng Komunikasyon.”
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Argentina: the unusual loot of a burglary

This is the ongoing adventure of Anita, a girl from Córdoba who, after an aggression in the house of friends, is making an effort to forgive. She has discovered that every reconciliation is a brick in building peace, even in one’s own country.
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A family in Hong Kong

Theresa and Sebastian share their surprising discovery in one of the city's poor neighborhoods.
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EXPO: Solar Power Cookers For Haiti

Helping to relieve poverty in Haiti while resolving the environmental problem. The Cucine solari per Mont -Organizé Project,presented at EXPO Milano 2015 in the Cascina Trulza-Civil Society Pavilion.
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A Bed and Breakfast near Florence

The story of a family in Italy who wanted to get involved in giving hospitality to refugees. Watch news video clip.
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Slovakia: A young priest’s challenge

A neighbourhood in Bratislava abandoned by young people: Fr Ludovit refused to give up and strived to create a community. Beginning with families, he used only his strong faith and a personal love for each person.
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Economy of Communion: a path for Africa?

The first international and pan-African EoC school is underway: involving the dynamism of a young population with high aspirations and dreams amid the great challenges facing the continent.
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Why I asked to return to Syria
Interview with Ghada, an Arab Christian focolarina from Lebanon. She has lived amongst the people of the Middle East, the past year and a half in Syria, where she continues with them to hope and to believe.
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Family life: the “price” for staying united

The enticement of a brilliant career in a country of your dreams. The story of Rosette and Eric, a young Filipino couple that managed to go against the current and choose to remain a family.
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Sainthood Cause for Chiara Lubich
formally begins
The video with the highlights of the 27 January 2015 official ceremony held at the Cathedral in Frascati (Rome).
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Bangko Kabayan: an indispensable business

The Wall Street Journal interview with Teresa Ganzon General Director of Bangko Bahayan, a rural bank in the Philippines which adheres to the Economy of Communion: "Serving God, Law at a Philippine Bank".
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Belgium: Solidarity Concert
A concert produced by Christian and Muslim teens and adults. It was packaged with care as you would a gift, with time, patience, listening to one another's ideas, complete with the surprise of the end result.
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Burkina Faso: Youth movements unite

Hundreds of young people from different groups have created a day of friendship with an invitation to forgiveness. An important gesture in a country that is going through a transition towards recovery.
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